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And you have to delete everything on your computer about us, I said. And I am supposed to be Dorothy I guess. The question was rhetorical and directed at the space recently vacated by the cat.

John I will always love you and promise to always be there for you, Carrie. As I lifted my hands they were quickly returned to my side with a flick of the cane.

I believe it was fate that she walked by at that moment. I leaned into you and whispered are you having fun flirting and dancing. I started to nibble then on her soft nipple just to see the indentions of my teeth. Do you love me. I would like to. Her beautiful white body, normally so-carefully covered by her conservative clothing, was now covered only by a thin layer of glistening sweat that caused her smooth white skin to shine like wet alabaster.

You seed the water already but you have not eaten yet. Well, yeah, I have. Beginning to shake with terror. I climbed into the bathtub with anticipation and he limp cock released all over my face, down my chest and back and past my crotch. Can I get anything else for you while I'm here.

She let out one last moan that sent chills down Catos spine.

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